Monday, February 20, 2012

Shingles, ouch!

  I'm so lucky that most people I work with are travelling today as I was running so late to get myself out of the house this morning, so casual outfit - you bet. I know right - why did I stop to take a photo of myself... And then to throw another rather big spanner into the works, my poor husband has just come down with the shingles so trying to be a nice wife and make sure he is comfortable, poor boy.

I am going to a wedding on the weekend and need these shoes - it's going to be a fabulous summers day and these shoes would be ever so nice.

Ok so I don't know where the above shoes are from but any of the shoes below will get the job done.

1. 2 & 3

I think the last ones are my favorites - which do you prefer?

Shoes today - super cute clutch tomorrow and then I'm set. So organized and so unlike me, yes I'm proud! there will be no last minute trying on outfits, driving my husbane insance because I can't fine anything to wear.


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