Monday, March 12, 2012

Long weekend snaps

Gee returning to work after a long weekend is tough, especially when we are getting our last spurt (yes I said spurt) of hot weather.

We had the most fabulous weekend. Popped along to a Chris Botte concert, he played with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and it was just fabulous - has now taken over No. 1 spot on my tunes list. Before the concert we ate at Chin Chin to see what all the hype is about - I now understand, the food is amazing. If you're in Melbourne it is a must. Below is my wagu salad.

Look at the handsom little fella - he loves a long weekend just as much as the next person.

Some random street art - just to keep up with culture (if only). And I really do need to take a photography course, I'm sure that shadow was not there when I took the photo...

What girl does not love a bright display of flowers.

Enjoy your week.


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