Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Handbag perfection!

I have been on a quest for months (feels like longer) to find my perfect bag and now I've found it - at least a picutre of it anyway. When we were last in New York, I dragged poor Geoff into so many stores and I think I got a little overwhelmed with too many options and came away empty handed. It hasn't stopped me looking though.

Usually, I opt for a black bag but this Celine beauty ticks all the boxes - love it! Now to see if I can actually fine it.

 Coming in at a very close second is Chanel.  I really love this bag, another classic beauty.

Image from Atlantic-Pacific
 Of course in my handbag hunt I had to wander past Mulberry. Geoff and I are always on the lookout for a Gnome for our courtyard. These are from Mulberry's courtyard - aren't they amazing.

Finally - how amazing is Olivia Palmero's outfit at this Mulberry event - always loving her style.
Images from Mulberry
Hope you're having a great week,

Sally xo

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